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Insights to Improve the Customer Experience

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Relevant Insights for your entire business

Management Overview

Instantly recognisable insights on the KPI's and metrics that matter to your business. Our platform gives managers a clear performance overview with the flexibility to investigate and understand emerging feedback trends.

Individual Insights

Give every employee the opportunity to make informed decisions, develop performance and benchmark customer satisfaction through feedback. Our individually tailored dashboards ensure your whole your business can enhance your customer experience.

Front-Line Staff

Continuous and genuine performance feedback from the customers your front-line staff serve.

Area Managers

Give every manager the insights to compare performance across business locations, regions and areas.

Head Office

Comprehensive data analysis dashboards give every employee the resources to monitor performance across the business.

Board of Directors

Overview reports and deep analysis gives Board Members the valuable insights they need to make informed decisions.

Real-time customer insights

Data you can act on

The best customer feedback informs decisions and facilitates positive business change. Our platform empowers action, adding a clear customer voice to all of your team's decisions.

Constant Feedback

Make continuous improvements with ongoing customer feedback. Learn quickly about emerging issues and ensure customer opinion is captured on every strategic business change.

Customer Focused Performance

Within your team

Give employees at every level the opportunity to benchmark their own performance against other stores, employees and business areas to foster constant improvement.

Over Time

With ongoing feedback across your business, measuring customer experience improvement at every level is simpler than ever.

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